Saturday, October 29, 2011

Radio FAIL

Heading to the store with hubby I wasn't really listening to the radio closely. As we pulled into the parking lot I hear "... bear skin condom." The rest didn't matter because my brain seized upon an impossible mental image. Was it fuzzy? Did it have some weird shape to it? Is this some new slang or innuendo of which I'm not hip enough to know?

After quickly voicing some of these thoughts to my husband, I finally admitted "I just don't get it."

He said "B-A-R-E"

Oh, duh! "Not b-e-a-r. Got it."

Then we giggled non stop for five minutes.
Image Detail
Er.. What?! I'm sure it would have been more clear with some pictures.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Atlanta Protest

Well, they are still out there punching away at the corporate fat cats. Occupy Atlanta Protest Canadian Oil Pipeline.

The executives of this company don't want to go through the process of rerouting. I've been reading comments and it looks like there are Canadians who hate them as much as the protesters. That's gotta say something.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Los Angeles Times Takes Note

It's heating up. I'm shocked and a tad happy that maybe, just maybe, some people will open their eyes and get the clue that I've been railing about since I first heard about this stupid freaking idea.

Oil Project Draws a Divisive Line, L.A. Times: Residents emphasized that they were not opposed to pipelines — just to burying one under the Sandhills. The Sandhills are the biggest undisturbed natural ecosystem in the Great Plains, full of cranes and herons and tundra swans, yet highly vulnerable to erosion when dug up or otherwise disturbed.

SEE! Told 'ya so. Now will Washington listen before the Sandhills are ruined and we all have to say "See, told 'ya so."