Saturday, March 31, 2012


I've been kidnapped by Supernatural. UGH! 

Anyway, they do a lot of researching on that series, using a lap top and what not. We watched Jaws last night and wow, what a time warp! He was looking through these things... pages in them with black and white and color photographs... what are they called again? Oh, yeah, BOOKS for doing research. Then, on the boat, one of the characters opens a beer and his finger takes the whole thing off! Yeah, a pull top! And then, that character goes crazy and smashes the boats radio and get this... they can't. contact. anyone. No. cell. phones. 

Truly a horror story of another kind for the kids, heh.

I remember having to go to the library to "do a paper." My parents had a full set of encyclopedia's! Loved those things. We got magazines in the mail and read them!