Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All the sugar, drink and carbs have made my brain go soft

I didn't update on the good news going around here.

I'm looking to start college in the Fall. Wee. All I need now is a good part time job and I'll be very happy.

Sister got a new job. She has better job experience than I do. I'm very happy for her because her husband is doing much better, sounds like he was eating at Christmas. He had a feeding tube for awhile. His beard is growing back but not in all places. He had one since I've met him. I can't recall seeing many adult pictures of him without one. Both her girls have an eye on getting married this year. One was engaged about three months ago and the other just a week ago. Whoo! It's been forever since I've been to a wedding. I really enjoy them.

I'm excited for good things happening to people I know. I hope it filters down making for a much better 2012 than 2011.

Now if I can just decide wether to keep our realtor or not.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Good Tidings and Much Cheer

Christmas Eve was spent at a cousins house with her very noisy kids. I had a very grumpy tired husband on my hands. He got better when he got home. He had to work a very long shift Christmas Eve. I was happy he finally got some sleep.

Christmas day we opened our presents and went out of town to spend some time at the in-laws. We stuffed ourselves silly. She had all manner of treats from white chocolate pretzels with sprinkles to sugar cookies. We watched part of a football game and the Dr. Who Christmas special. Oh, cable, sometimes I do miss you so. heh. 

In other years we play bingo but since it was the kids, us and them, she came up with a new game to play... Old Maid. We put the Old Maid cards in the middle of the table and drew one card until the Old Maid card was drawn. That person was eliminated. They would keep going until there was only one person left. The other side of the table seemed very lucky as they kept winning. To speed things up, we changed our tactics and whoever pulled her out first won. Suddenly, my side of the table which was getting eliminated early before was winning. LOL! I seem to do better in games where to win you have to loose. 

Happy New Year. 

Friday, December 16, 2011


Hanging out with the younger crowd recently I have been introduced to "Totes" for totally and "Whatevs" for whatever. Used often such as "These newtons aren't too bad."

"Oh, totes girl!"

Got a wild hair up my rear and watched Heathers. They used totes and whatev. I told the girl that it was on there and she flipped back with "Yeah, we're cool. We're bringing it back."

Ah, the folly of youth.

She is a very nice Catholic girl. We decided last night to torture her a little by hinting what another girl bought her for a Christmas present.

Texted: Do you have some extra batteries?

Her: Uhm...

Us: Maybe some D or C cell.

Her: Now I'm getting scared. What did you get me?

LOL! It was perfume but man was it fun making her wonder.

Monday, December 12, 2011

This Post Took a Turn

'Tis the season of the Dentist,
Falala lala la la.

My dearest husband hasn't gotten his teeth clean in twenty years. He had a dentist as a teen that was kind of a sadist which really turned him off of dentistry. *sings "I Am A Dentist" from Little Shop of Horrors in head*

So, we trekked to get them clean on a snow falling kind of day. Started out light, got worse as we got closer to the little town where a dentist in his group is actually at. That was fun finding them as the other dentists in the town were pediatric dentist or braces only orthodontics. I could hear the receptionists rolling their eyes as they tried to explain it all to me. Upshot, we can't help you. heh.

I warned the dentist that he doesn't like going. 

It was like when he got a tattoo. The hygienist would stop, see how he was doing and give him a little break or remind him he needed to breath.  I can't tell you how much I appreciated her patience. Because he's going back. The comic said to her as he was finished up "Best cleaning job I've had in 20 years!" 

"Hey, it's the only cleaning job you've had in 20 years!" Did I mention he hates the dentist?

Today I get to take oldest to see if he will get braces or what feel needs done. It's such a wonderfully skippy day! Not looking forward to this.

Update on sis who has become a new grandmother and her husband has been going through cancer treatment. 

Haven't heard the news from his latest tests. He's getting along fairly good considering. 

She, however, not so much. She got fired from her job Thursday. I suspect it's because she's had such a dramatic year. She couldn't be there for the birth of the baby because she was at a conference type thing. She said her boss was fairly unsympathetic when she told her the news that she was a grandma. Kind of that's great, now about this next meeting.... attitude. I don't know all the details. I just know that it's two weeks before Christmas, her husband has been going through cancer treatments, her daughter had a baby and is to getting a wedding together for April and her other daughter is finishing up a practicum and gearing up for an internship. Seriously, if you pray for strangers, please pray for them.

Ah. I see this post took a left hand turn on me. Well, all well wishes, warm thoughts or prayers are welcome.