Friday, December 16, 2011


Hanging out with the younger crowd recently I have been introduced to "Totes" for totally and "Whatevs" for whatever. Used often such as "These newtons aren't too bad."

"Oh, totes girl!"

Got a wild hair up my rear and watched Heathers. They used totes and whatev. I told the girl that it was on there and she flipped back with "Yeah, we're cool. We're bringing it back."

Ah, the folly of youth.

She is a very nice Catholic girl. We decided last night to torture her a little by hinting what another girl bought her for a Christmas present.

Texted: Do you have some extra batteries?

Her: Uhm...

Us: Maybe some D or C cell.

Her: Now I'm getting scared. What did you get me?

LOL! It was perfume but man was it fun making her wonder.

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