Monday, December 26, 2011

Good Tidings and Much Cheer

Christmas Eve was spent at a cousins house with her very noisy kids. I had a very grumpy tired husband on my hands. He got better when he got home. He had to work a very long shift Christmas Eve. I was happy he finally got some sleep.

Christmas day we opened our presents and went out of town to spend some time at the in-laws. We stuffed ourselves silly. She had all manner of treats from white chocolate pretzels with sprinkles to sugar cookies. We watched part of a football game and the Dr. Who Christmas special. Oh, cable, sometimes I do miss you so. heh. 

In other years we play bingo but since it was the kids, us and them, she came up with a new game to play... Old Maid. We put the Old Maid cards in the middle of the table and drew one card until the Old Maid card was drawn. That person was eliminated. They would keep going until there was only one person left. The other side of the table seemed very lucky as they kept winning. To speed things up, we changed our tactics and whoever pulled her out first won. Suddenly, my side of the table which was getting eliminated early before was winning. LOL! I seem to do better in games where to win you have to loose. 

Happy New Year. 

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