Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Holiday!

Oo, look, I'm still unemployed! *sigh*

Oo, look, when I asked the children to sign their names and give in and out times for computer use on someone else' computer, they acted like I asked them to dive into a pit of fire. *sigh*

Oo, look, it's not just the bedroom where the cat has decided to pee on things. If the husband leaves his socks on the floor in the living room, she'll pee on them there too. I wish I could say it was a grand devised plan to get him to pick up his freaking clothes, but alas, I am not that sly. I wouldn't know how to cue her to pee on the things. If I tried to get her to do that, she'd probably end up peeing on an antique blanket or something horrifyingly unwashable. *sigh*

Oo, look, the swimming pool opened! And as usual the beginning of the summer has crappy cold rainy weather. I really don't remember the last time the end of May or beginning of June was actually hot and sunny. I got the new swim suit, I have the sun protection, I'm so ready! Come on mother nature! Get off the PMS already! *sigh*

X_x           <------ I passed out from all the sighing. * nm. 

I'm taking my caffeine and watching what I can of this Monk. Have a great Holiday!

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