Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crazy, nutty, insane week.

I've gone back to college.

I find it overwhelming and slightly deflating. First week and already I feel like I'm behind.

I'm completely frustrated with the book store. Digital books are too unreliable when it comes to NEEDING it. I didn't have a book when I needed, foolishly thinking if I ordered it for digital I would get it sooner. I ended up having to call the store for the particulars and then too many technical problems just to get to it to read it. In the end, I cancelled the damn thing and ordered a hard copy. Next year I just go get the darn things.

I WENT BACK TO COLLEGE! *squeee* And even though I'm far older than most, I'm not the oldest. :) That kind of helps.

I have to constantly tell myself that it's just for a job. Not because I'm looking to be a giant administrator for 50 billion different places. In the end, I'm not sure where I will end up, but I need to start somewhere.

Oldest bought his first car. Much amusement was had as our mechanic pointed out that the car was a year older than he was. In five years, if it lasts that long, the car will be an antique! Heh. All in all, it's not in bad shape. Even better, Oldest got to flex his independence. He found it, he got the money lined up, we were just the support team. No more having to take him to school. :D

Hubby got a severely part time job. It's suppose to be two days a week. But this first week it was four days in a row. I missed him terribly.

Youngest has an after school route. He's doing pretty good in it so far.

What with school, aiding in getting the car, the second job, the route and getting work study set up.... I was exhausted come Friday.  The sun went to sleep and so did I!

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