Monday, January 31, 2011

Guess What Day It Is?

Today, it was snowing. Big deal, right? It's snowing everywhere. 
Today, the wind was blowing. We had wind chill warnings.
Today I forgot to wear snow boots, hat and gloves. I was in a car, I'd be OK.
Today, the car wouldn't respond to the accelerator. I was parked on the side of the road after dropping off.
So today, with one child safely at school and the other child still waiting to go, I was stuck.
Today my husband was not sleeping where his phone was charging. 
Today I had to call a taxi. Then a relative. It became a race to which one would show up first.
Today my phone didn't respond well to the temperatures. It decided that despite charging all night, it's battery was going to go dead.
The taxi showed up first. It was slow and creaky and just a little touch scary. 
I had it drop me off first at the entrance of the complex, gave the oldest all the cash I had and hoped it was enough.
Today  I walked in negative below wind chill, pelted by snow without hats, gloves and snow boots.
Today I had to wake up the husband early and go out again. 
Today he was thirty minutes late for work.
Today I had to drive the other vehicle that has brakes in need of maintenance.
What does it all mean?
Today must be Monday.

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