Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Job Pitch or Sales Pitch?

I'll be honest, I kind of suspected that it wasn't going to be a real job interview. I kind of suspected that it would be some sort of sales pitch, a thinly disguised attempt at seperating me from my money.

I got more suspicious as I looked at his card. VP of whatever. District? Office? I don't know. It got worse when he said "...been in here only a few months." That's why a guy with VP on his card is sharing an office with another guy and some file cabinets? No reception and way too hot, hrm...?

"Have you heard of us before?" Yeah, I think I had. But they don't advertise, so where did I hear of them? He went on, explained how they used to be part of a bigger company that was right in the middle of the collapse of the financial world. Oh, so, how does your company work now? That surprised him a bit. He didn't think I'd be aware of any of that.

He used terms I was unfamiliar with and I asked him what the difference was. Well, if I go to the seminars I would learn. Lord.

Towards the end, what really got me, was he said "Your sister and her husband...." Back up the thought train, who said I had a sister? Who said she was married if I had one anyway? I had decided on a poker face by this time anyway, so let him go on. Caught my finger tapping impatiently, had to stop that.
The pitch killer, $99 for the start and $25 every month after. Yeah, er... no thanks.  

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