Friday, September 16, 2011

Boys, Me and GAH!

Oldest broke up with his first girlfriend since we moved. He asked another girl out a few days later. That girl said yes so we get to go clothes shopping because his female friends told him a big no to cargo pants, t-shirt and hoodie for the dance. I'm relieved and grateful that they gave him dressing up advice because he won't listen to me, as is normal for any teenaged boy.

I can't say I'm totally broken up about this break up. She lied to her parents about where she was going and what she was doing over the summer. I was never comfortable with that. I told my son I wasn't comfortable with it and eventually they would have to tell her parents about the relationship.  She got caught in a lie, telling her mom she'd be one place when she was actually over here. Her mom went to one place and talked to a certain friend. I suspect the mom probably knew she had a boy somewhere, us mom's can tell these things. The girl was grounded for whenever her parents got sick of her being around the house which was about three weeks, give or take a few days. The relationship didn't survive. Oh, woe the relationship. All hail the new one. heh. 

Youngest is doing much better in the new school. He has even admitted to liking a girl. OMG! He generally keeps that sort of thing to himself. He has tried out for a state honor choir kind of thing. I'm proud he took the initiative to go ahead with it. He has a hard time making decisions sometimes. 

Hubby has had a much needed week off. I haven't killed him... yet. Yesterday was a bit touch and go towards the evening. We both let our inner little brats out to run, never a pretty sight. 

We had a parent teachers conference last night. The wood shop teacher said "It's the same in here as it is out there, play by the rules, put a little effort in it and you'll be all right." I wanted to launch myself at him. Really? Play by the rules? What rules? Buy a house, stay at the same job, and apply for jobs your qualified for? Yeah, that hasn't gotten us anywhere but a short sale house, a costly move, getting screwed by unscrupulous employers, unpaid bills and continuing frustration due to unemployment.  

Wish I could say things are better for me in the job circle. They aren't. They are getting better in the health circle as long as I don't let the stress of unemployment get to me. I'm going to start looking at volunteer opportunities. I've got to have something in my day besides looking up jobs.

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