Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hey, it's Tuesday!

I had the weirdest dream. In it, Johnny Depp apparently is a really nice guy who smells good but is just friendly. What's wrong with my ID?

He walked down a hall, shook my hand then slung his arm around some other person. I'm right by his ear. I can smell him. I tell him he smells nice. He looks at me and says "That's a bit of an odd thing to say." I feel kind of bad so tell him about a project. He thought the story of Black Elk was moving but doesn't really say anything more. He suddenly left as soon as he appeared. (My mind is a maze.  I watched a story about  the Ponca leader Standing Bear but for some reason I substituted Black Elk. Black Elk might of been mentioned at some point.)

I was in some sort of school going towards my locker. Snow with sunlight behind it came through a cathedral like door. I had to walk through the snow to get to my locker. A photographer had set up his tripod in the hall to get a picture of it. "Sorry, I just got my pearl filters set up!" he said. Meaning he wasn't going to close the door.

I'm so damn nice. "It's OK!" I said. I understood that he had to catch the light while he could and apparently, whatever pearl filters are, they are hard to set up.

I get to the locker. There are only three and they are spaced non uniformly on the wall. I pull on the outer door of mine and it moves down and to the left. In order to get to the inner doors, I have to put the outer one right back where it started. I move it, open it and it falls off. The hinges aren't supposed to do that. I let it drop to the floor anyway. There are two smaller inner doors, like the smaller lockers I got in Jr. High. I open them up and there is a jumble of a mess in there. I start taking out the papers to organize and get something.

That's when Mr. Depp walks in with a false chin, white wig and the Mark Twain outfit.

Just as I'm about to find out if he's truly going to play Mark Twain, my phone wakes me up.

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