Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bitch and Moan Time

I see an e-mail about iTunes 99 cent gift cards. It says they put out the $.99 gift cards then raised the prices to $1.29.

Don't know if I ever bought a 99 cent gift card. This does, however, highlight the crapulous day I'm having.

I hate everything. I just... hate everything. I'm not deleting this to be Suzy Sunshine. It's the reflection of the day I'm having. The weather is sleety. I got three calls from the youngest before 8:30 a.m. having a heart attack because he thought he had left two different items for school at home. Both of which were his back pack.

I've been informed that there is no money for back to school training with the unemployment agency. It's On The Job Training or nothing. Well, isn't that cute. Because I can't get a freaking job to save my life. Seriously, it's really freaking pissing me off.

Found out that the stupid teller at the bank took out money from the wrong account Friday putting it into the negative. Which we don't understand how she could have made that mistake when A) the card given her has nothing to do with the account and B) taking money out of that account would put the entire thing in the negative in the first place while the other account obviously had money. The lovely thought from the whole ordeal, SHE has a job. Find out how that levels out when I get a call back from the operators manager.

Still one car down. Said sleet means it won't get towed by us like we planned to do today. It's just not the day for it.

I'm sure I'll have more to bitch about later.

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