Friday, June 3, 2011

NIrvana, eventually

My very brilliant neighbors decided to have sex at two thirty last night. I wouldn't mind so much if there was any rhythm to the bed trying to bore it's way through the wall. I finally had to go to the living room to sleep. Where the cat, who has been banished out of our room for a bit, decided she was overly happy someone joined her. Commence purring and cuddling. I finally feel asleep about three thirty.

And woke about six thirty. I swear, it is a plot to keep me up. I felt obligated to buy me some quality donuts since it's Doughnut day. Took a shower, that will wake me, went downtown and got some yummy pastry. Came home, had a treat, watched some TV. My phone went off. A text from Hubby about what kind of doughnuts he wanted. Then youngest woke up. I texted back, greeted youngest and watched a little more TV NOT sleeping. Around ten I was just on the verge of getting settled down when there was knocking at the door. One of the oldest's friends needed a place to roost for a bit. I let him borrow my phone to call his mom and explain what was going on. The local pool wasn't open when he thought it should so he had to come back home.

While the friend thanked me profusely and I let him know it's no biggie, the oldest got ready for the day. The friend said there were some kids at the pool here at the complex which surprised me. I didn't think it would open for another hour. Kids there meant there was probably an adult on sight already. As long as there is a responsible adult around anyone's kids can swim. Oldest,  friend and youngest decided to go swimming here at the complex. I helped youngest get his tan lotion on and out the door. NAP time! I figure I could get a few winks in while they are away.

Five minutes later they are back. The kids that were there did not have an adult. They all got kicked out. I  grabbed a bargain book, my phone and keys. I know when I'm whooped. I'm not getting extra sleep. "I'll be your designated adult."

We were there for about an hour and a half before I found an excuse to leave. They were spraying around the grounds for something. I don't get along well with chemical death whether for bugs or weeds. I needed the excuse. My eyes weren't focusing well when I went from reading my book to looking at the pool. Oldest is 16, as is his friend. I made him go ask if it was OK for him to stay because the rules say it should be. The lady who kicked them out the first time didn't realize they were that old. Baby faces, both of 'em.

I marched on home with the youngest. Hubby's car was here. Must be his lunch time. Still no sleep for me, at least for another thirty minutes or so. I come upstairs and discuss the day. I've been talking to him for about five minutes before I realize he's not in his work clothes.

Me: You home for the day?
Hubby: Yeah, I decided that I just didn't need to work there anymore. Their attitude didn't agree with me.

They recently had a manager quit and he has been working six days in a row. Sleep deprivation means I'm not fast on the uptake today.

 I stare at him for a few seconds.

Me: Are you kidding?
Hubby: Yeah. I got my forty in already. They have enough people so I could come home for the day.

Oh, sweet nirvana! That means I can sleep the rest of the day. I can get myself a few more hours.

I've never been so glad someone quit before.

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