Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The time has come

I wasn't quite as worried as I thought I'd be, but the time has come.

The oldest has discovered... cruising.

And I've discovered that scaring teens can  be fun.

He was late coming home last night at NINE! Oh, noes. He called and let us know that he was going to be late. He had to call again because he changed plans on how to get home on time. I was really annoyed. Because my phone was charging in the bedroom and I had to run to get it both times. He thought I was really ticked that he was late. Heh, no, because I had to run pounding across the floor which means all neighbors had to endure the noise. Ah, apt. living.

His friend driving him felt bad and walked up the dark steps with him to apologize. Aww, now that's nice. I don't think any of my friends ever gave a crap about if I was late or not. He says "I apologize. That was my fault."

I happened to have a mini flash light in my hand (stupid reason for it) so I flashed it in his face, "Yeah, what's up with that!?" I said it in mock indignation.

For  just a split second, in the blue tiny light, he looked frightened. Then he laughed because he got I was joking.

Whew, I was going to feel really bad if he didn't get the joke.

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