Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kids are back in school. Yeah! Er... awww, poor dears with homework and learning and stuff.

Oldest has a new program I call P.P. It stands for Pretentious Program. It's info about colleges and planning his future career. I was told by a guidance counselor when I was in high school to check some schools out, get a couple of letters sent off and it's all good. Now they have an entire program that starts in their Jr. year. Wow, times are a changing.

Youngest is loving his new school. I am too. Last year we had a teacher who I think was a bit off her feed. Every week was some new drama.

By the end of the year youngest was tested for any autistic traits. Turns out he has an excelled math ability and average to below average reading skills. This teacher observed traits used for the evaluation "numerous times" in school yet I hardly ever if at all saw them at home. Why would that be? Why was his grade the lowest in math if he had excelled ability in it? Why was he assigned three books to bring home to read when his skills in reading were struggling? Never understood the logic she was using.

I'm not much of a story teller lately. Maybe later I'll tell you some juicy stories of teen me and my wild ways.

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