Friday, August 19, 2011

This is progress?

Riffing, raffing, sasafrassing ... INTERNET!

Couldn't watch Bones on Netflix, it choked. Then when the thing I was watching it on froze, I just turned it off because I couldn't do anything else with it. I had sound, but nothing else. I tried at a different location to watch. It just doesn't want to play.

Either a friend deleted a comment I made or it never posted. I say it didn't post because I've seen that happen right away with another person's page.

I've got errands to run and shopping to do and I'm sitting here contemplating why these things don't work.

And further more, why are the Chinese so damn grumpy? Not only is  basketball team expressing themselves badly but something not being covered so much by the TV top three, Chinese officials are cranky too.

Wow, someone next door is having a bad day. Babies crying, doors slamming, cat's meowing. Run for cover! The grumpy virus will find you too!

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