Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HA! Good one!

'I'm A Blond'

I found the full length movie on Netflix. I got excited and fast forwarded to the song. With my fingers slipping on the button, youngest realized it had a close resemblance to a musical. He's all boy, hates musicals. Not only that, he is at the over dramatic stage of life. He had to plug his ears dramatically, faint every few seconds and gag during any singing that I happened to stop on.

I sing bits of this to oldest when he's doing something "blonde." Half way through the song he gives me a look that screams 'really?' This sends me into fits of laughter.

As it ends youngest is laying flat on the floor with his tongue out and off to the side. Oldest says "Oh, look, great, Youngest is now brain dead."

Worth every. single. second.

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