Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sponateous Combustion

Unplanned for couple time bloomed last night with Youngest going to a group thing earlier than we thought and the Oldest hanging out with his friends for later than we expected.

"Hey! This means it's just you and me for dinner!" That means cheaper eats for going out! And we can test places without having to worry if we're going to waste a ton of money from kids not eating or food being bad.

I thought I didn't like Thai food. Previous tries of it met with failure. Then I had some store bought sweet chili dipping sauce. I LOVE it. This means all of my husbands wet curry dreams were about to come true. I was ready to try the Thai restaurant.

It's a family owned place. The minute we walked in we were happily greeted by the open and friendly waitress/hostess/owner. Very much a change from the now dubbed "Unfriendly" Chinese restaurant. When I ordered tea she explained Chai tea and asked if I wanted that or regular. I'm watching the waistline so I went with regular. Hubby got the Chai, tea infused cream. It's very yummy! What? I had to have a sip or two... or three... OK, four. Four, alright? ;)

Having never gone to a Thai restaurant before I went with whatever had the type of vegetables I like most in it. Chicken Wen Su Hoo? Naw, that's not quite right but it was something like that. Hubby got the green curry. Then the waitress asked how spicy we wanted our dishes. That was new for us. We went with medium. That way we would have spice but not too much. We could gauge what medium was for them. We're not scared of a little burn in the mouth. It can be a nice endorphin rush if you do it right.

We heard her talking to another table about the highest spice level being rated at five. Oh, so we must of ordered a three! We talked about it as we enjoyed some egg rolls. Then our mains came out, oh yummy!

We started to dig in. Ooo, there was ceratainly a bite to it, oh, howdy! I thought I felt a sweat under my eye. I looked across to Hubby and saw a sheen starting to develop on his face. I started contemplating on coming back and ordering the mild next time. I didn't think I could stand hot if this was medium. The chai tea started disappearing a little faster.

The friendly waitress/owner came over and seeming concerned asked us if everything was OK. I figured it's because we hadn't been there before, she is probably used to people being surprised at the spice. Since we were enjoying it and really didn't have any complaints, we told her we were fine. She came over again and we gave our compliments. Hubby's face was sweating. I was feeling hotter but we liked it. Seeing our positive reactions, she fessed up.

"Well, I'm glad. There was a little mix up. I spiced it by eye, turned to do something and my mother hadn't realized I spiced it already. She spiced it again."

"Is this a five then?" Hubby asked with amusement. I knew he was thinking what I was.This was not a normal situation.

"More about a seven."

That was freaking hilarious. Why? Why weren't we outraged that we had something that was probably spicier than the owner would eat? Because we liked it. And because it meant we weren't big old spice wimps. Without ever really saying it, we both wondered if Thai food might just be more than we can handle. 'Lo and behold, we are NOT spice p*ssies and we will be going back there.  It also made it that much more fun.

My hat off to the hostess for her timing and honesty. My hat off for giving my body a decent sweat without having to get my butt off the chair. heh.

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