Saturday, July 23, 2011


House is finally up for sale. Bastardo's didn't even bother putting a picture up of it. Could be because the primo bastardo that lived north of us pulled out of town and put his own house up for sale before we could get ours up.  Or the realtor is planning on buying it cheap, cleaning it up and reselling it for far more than what we bought it for. I wouldn't doubt it. My dad was aware of that scam when we moved when I was 10. I thought maybe he was paranoid until I read about some dude in Texas getting a house for sixteen dollars that was worth 330,000!

I think I just realized what I couldn't put my finger on before. That town is dirty. Everyone out for themselves and no one really wants to help you out. Not a friendly place at all.

I am reminded of reasons 1, 000 and 1,154 that we moved. Then yesterday reason number 15 was seen shopping here.  And I am very, very glad we no longer live there.

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