Friday, July 22, 2011

Shivering in this weather?

The reason: Job interview
The setting: Small office. Awkwardly arranged office furniture. One toddler sized chair, one adult sized chair and a desk at an angle to the door.
The weather: Like everywhere, hot. Maybe not like everywhere, humid. 

I just happened to pull the adult sized chair to the one spot where the ceiling vent a/c hit me full in the face. Oh, how lovely it is to try not to chatter ones teeth during an interview.  I had to ask them to turn it up. I have never been that cold inside during the summer before. It ended up being a quickie interview, a total of fifteen minutes. Which means 2/3 of the way through it the vent finally stopped and I started to warm up. I was wearing long sleeves, for crying out loud! I still shiver when I think about how cold that was. If that's good or bad, considering the weather right now, I'll leave up to time to tell.

EDIT: Oh, big freaking surprise! I didn't get that one. I got a letter that basically said "Ah, hell no!" They didn't even say they hired someone else. They said "We decided to continue recruitment for this position."     *tres sigh*

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